Alta Group ABOUT US Alta Group ABOUT US

We have been operating in the market for nearly 20 years. We have developed countless brands, positions, and digital and design solutions for the national and international markets. We help companies transform their business by creating competitive advantages and values for their brands. At first, our operations focused on communication and marketing. However, our clients and the market showed strategic needs that crossed over those borders. What is more: they needed an agency that looked at the big picture with them, from the production process all the way to contacting end clients and earning their loyalty. In 2004 we steered our agency not only towards communication but also to a more comprehensive brand management process. We incorporated Branding Strategy, that is, strategic brand architecture and planning dedicated to the creation and management of brands. We have built on that proposal and today we think above brand positioning above all. We believe doing so translates into results for our clients and is essential for the success of any company's brand-related communications, regardless of its line of business. We see brands as a powerful component that should translate a company's culture and strategy, thereby boosting the business and its attributes. We have drawn inspiration from major international branding consulting firms to put our methodology together. Today we specialize in and focus on brand design for the corporate market. Consequently, we have expanded our “Think Department” and now stand as a Marketing, Branding, Design, Digital and Innovation Consulting Firm. Today, AltaGroup Agency's operations are basically 100% remote. That allows us to cater to clients from across the country and abroad, and our compact cost structure provides our clients with an improved cost-benefit ratio.